About Fight Pharm

Fight Pharm was founded with the vision to create dietary supplements for athletes who have the ambition to perform at the highest level. Behind the products are Ilir Latifi and Alexander Gustafsson - two of the world’s foremost athletes and most recognized faces globally in Mixed Martial Arts, and are both ranked at the top of the UFC light heavy weight division. Competing an elite level most of their lives, they have realized how important it is to optimize their nutrition intake both post and pre-workout in order to train and perform at the highest levels. They felt that what they were looking for was missing in the market and decided to do something about it. The goal was to create clean and full-bodied diet supplements that fit hard-working athletes, but with as few ingredients as possible.


Ilir Latifi studied earlier at GIH (Gymnastics and Sport College) in Stockholm, and it’s there that he had a teacher who taught and inspired him a lot regarding sports nutrition, Marcus Moberg. Ilir and Alexander decided to contact Marcus to develop the products at Fight Pharm. Marcus is a nutritional physiologist and doctor of sport science with sports nutrition as a specialization. He has vast experience of high quality research, which has focused on branched amino acids and its importance for muscle growth. Marcus's extensive knowledge of sports nutrition is the basis for the development of Fight Pharm's products. To do business is also an art, so the guys joined forces with the entrepreneur Besim Berisha, who has been involved in building Fight Pharm from scratch.

Marcus Moberg

Marcus Moberg, nutritional physiologist and doctor of sport science with sports nutrition as a specialization.


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