Post Workout - Apple flavour
Post Workout - Apple flavour

Post Workout - Apple flavour

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Essential amino acids in an optimized composition using scientific studies

Very low calorie content

Contains electrolytes and everything important for fast and optimized recovery

This product is designed and optimized to consume after training sessions during intense and demanding exercise periods. Fight Pharm Post Workout contains essential amino acids in a mixture that, in scientific studies, has been shown to have a major effect on muscle building processes. The product has a composition of electrolytes that help maintain exercise capacity and facilitate recovery during intensive workout with severe sweating. A dose provides a total of 4.5 grams of the branched amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine which, together with a well balanced mixture of other essential amino acids, provide the perfect conditions for muscle building effects during exercise. The product is suitable as a recovery drink immediately after the session, as well as during long workouts. Fight Pharm Post Workout is designed to keep a very low calorie content while providing the essential nutrition after a workout, perfect during periods when you want to lose weight.

Amino acid profile

L-Leucin (BCAA) 2,5g
L-Lysin 2.0g
L-Valin (BCAA) 1,6g
L-Isoleucon (BCAA) 1,4g
L-Fenylalanin 1,6g
L-Treonin 1,4g
L-Histiding 1,0g
L-Metionin 0,4g

Electrolyte profile

Natrium 480mg/L
Kalcium 180mg/L
Kalium 200mg/L
Magnesium 100mg/L
Undergoing minor maintenace