Pre Workout - Raspberry flavour
Pre Workout - Raspberry flavour

Pre Workout - Raspberry flavour

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Performance enhancement with both direct and long-term effects

Optimized blend of substances that have demonstrated performance enhancing effects

Excellent for high intensive and tough training

Fight Pharm Pre Workout has been designed to maximize performance before training or competition. This product is loaded with smart substances that are proven to have performance-enhancing effects. The product has a high content of caffeine, which raises your focus, reduces the feeling of fatigue and provides extra energy. Another important ingredient is beetroot-extract, which is full of nitrate, which improves the efficiency of muscle work at intake, thus increasing performance (especially during continuous intake of the product). Fight Pharm PWO also contains beta alanine, which can increase the muscular work capacity during high intensity exercise or competition. Perfect when you have to go all-out for a few minutes.

*% (EU) no. 1169/2011 Daily reference intake (dri). ** Contains naturally occurring sugars.



Potassium 300mg (150% *)
Caffeine (from guarana) 200mg


Citrullin malate 6000mg
Beta-alanine 1800mg
Beetroot extract 1600mg
(beta vulgaris, radix) 19% nitrate, lump preventative (E572, E551, 341), guarana paulinia extract (seed), aroma, sweetener (sucralose).
Undergoing minor maintenace